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Spoiler Alert: Be ready for a ridiculous concept for a movie.

Buckle up, ladies and gents, technology rules the world and phones have taken over the minds of people, young people to be specific. Honestly, these kids in the movie are as stupid as the poop emoji. Ah, yes,...

Caution: Blood spraying spoilers ahead! Everyone ready for a

violent ride? Be very afraid. And Go!

The Bride, or whenever someone says her name: Bleep, is played by Uma Thurman, a former assassin. She wakes from a four-year coma after being shot in the head by her ex-lov...

The Room is a movie with no plot, no characters, and virtually no sanity. It is borderline genius for a film so terrible. Follow us through the perils of the life and times of a successful banker and his beautiful, but manipulative, temptress of a fiancé who continues...

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