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Celebrating Creativity For Over 50 Years!

Pfeiffer University's The Phoenix was born in 1958. The Society of Creative Arts created a literary magazine in order to inspire the creative minds within the Pfeiffer Community. Throughout the years The Phoenix has undergone several modifications, including: a name change for a brief period of time, and now a shift to an online presence.

Editor-in-Chief Bill Latham said it best in the opening letter in the very first edition of The Phoenix.

"If the creative spirit, which prevails in the Pfeiffer Phoenix, continues to spur its contributors until at least one achieves recognition in creative arts, the publication of this booklet will have served its purpose."

This is still the hope of all who have a hand in creating The Phoenix from year to year. It is our dream to always encourage the Pfeiffer Community, past, present, and future, to create, express, and celebrate themselves through their creative endeavors with The Phoenix.

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