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A Night to Remember: Pfeiffer's Poetry Slam

The dark room buzzed with excited chatter from fellow students and faculty. Those who were not talking stuffed their faces with the free mini doughnuts and apple cider provided at the event. As I took my seat in the third row, my eyes patiently shifted to the center of the stage. There, directly in the middle, was the bright beam of light calling out for a poem to be performed. On November 16th, 2016, seventeen people took the spotlight at Pfeiffer’s Poetry Slam to perform their own masterpieces.

The following twelve people performed as part of their poetry course with Dr. Schwalm:

Rachel Anderson performing Untitled

Tricia Ayers performing Killing You

Sebastian Belk performing Her Autumn Mind

Cliff Beyer performing My Old Jacket

Lillie Brady performing Blackberry Winter

Angela Elliott performing A Friend Once Lost Now Returns

Chyann Ketchum performing Questions

Justice Lotz performing Untitled

Taisha Neal performing Embrace

Bailey Sherrill performing The Secretive Seamstress

Lashonda Womack performing Having Faith

Once they finished, the spotlight then turned to the members of the audience. Five people took to the stage and shared a piece of themselves with everyone in that room. These people are as follows:

Ryanna Hammond performing Pages and The Gunman

Aquill performing a free speech poem and an Untitled piece

Joshua Badbo performing Steppin’

Brooke Hebert performing Love is…

Kimberly Goodell performing an excerpt from a collection of essays

These poems ranged in topic and style, including: love, sex, rape, God, migraines, psychological disorders, and family.

Once the program finished, people were thanked for attending by the emcee, and poetry student, Taisha Neal. Each student handed in their yellow culture credit card and vanished into the blood-moon night, some even took mini doughnuts on their way out.

The nerves of the student performers quickly vanished once their time on stage came to an end, but the excitement of the audience carried through into the week. Several people recorded their performance and posted it to Facebook, while others let what happened on stage stay there.

(Click here to view Brooke Hebert's performance of Love is...)

Be on the lookout for other exciting events happening on campus. Also, don’t forget that the deadline to submit your work is December 1st, 2016. We accept prose pieces, creative non-fiction essays, fiction essays, photography and art, and poetry. You can click here to submit your work now.

Let this be an opportunity to share a piece of yourself with the Pfeiffer community! If you have any questions, please contact one of the co-editors of The Phoenix:

We look forward to viewing your submissions.

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