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Alayna Eats

Alayna Eurie reviews upscale dining establishments

Alayna Eats At RH ROOFTOP

Alayna Eats RH Rooftop.png

     RH rooftop is located in Charlotte near Southpark mall,6903 Phillips Pl Ct, Charlotte, NC. Right, when I walked into the building, the decor and ambiance stood out to me. The lights were dim, and it felt like a very calming atmosphere. In the main dining room, chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling, and a big fountain was in the middle of the room. I felt like the restaurant was giving rich and expensive, and I felt like this is a place where you should definitely dress up; this restaurant requires formal attire, but you do not have to be too formal; you can get away with wearing jeans, but you need to dress it up. When sitting at this restaurant, I felt it was terrific for special occasions, a beautiful brunch place with friends and family, a night out with loved ones, and even more beautiful at night. My experience with RH rooftop food was amazing.

      I literally wanted to eat everything on the menu but chose the Lobster roll with their truffle fries. They also had a variety of different foods, and the lobster roll was seasoned to perfection. When biting into the lobster roll, I tasted a lot of old bay seasoning and a lot of garlic and butter, and the lobster meat was nice and juicy. The flavors weren't overwhelming. I felt like it went well together with a little bit of their mayonnaise sauce that went perfectly with the meal and made the dish come to life. I feel like they could have done better with the truffle fries; they didn’t have as much flavor as I was expecting, and I wouldn't get them again. The amount of food was good. I felt like the portions could have been bigger because the price was so high. It didn’t fill me up all the way. The pricing of food was on the expensive side; the Lobster roll by itself was 35 dollars, not including sides, and the truffle fries were 20 dollars. In total, my meal was about 60 dollars, and if you are going to eat here, I would be prepared to pay a lot of money because it's not cheap, but if you have it like that, then go all out. The customer service was excellent; they were friendly and ensured I was taken care of. 


Overall, I rate this place 5 Gold stars. I recommend this place to everyone.

Alayna Eats At El Maguey - Mexican Cuisine 

     El Maguey is located In Winston Salem, 5160 Reidsville Rd, InWalkertown, NC. I was on the hunt to find an authentic Mexican restaurant and found a place in Winston Salem, and I decided to make that drive. When we walked into the restaurant, it was a fun environment, and the staff was very welcoming when we were waiting for our table; the place was spotless and smelled so good; our waitress took us to our table and took our drink order.

food 11.jpeg

     When she gave us the menu, there were so many options to choose from it took me almost fifteen minutes to finally decide what I wanted. I got the Quesadilla Grande with dirty Mexican rice, sour cream salad, and refried beans. When the food arrived, I was surprised at how much I got for such a reasonable price.  The price of the food came down to 14 dollars. 

     When I took a bite of my quesadilla, I was impressed by its flavor. The peppers, mushrooms, and cheese all went so well together and made the flavor of the quesadilla stand out. The dirty Mexican rice was good; I just preferred a bit more spice to give it a kick, and the refried beans were fantastic. I rate this restaurant and the overall experience four gold stars; the reason why only four is because I wish the dirty Mexican rice had more spice to it.

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