Phoenix Staff

Shayla Moore


Shayla Moore is a senior English major with a minor in communication at Pfeiffer University. She has been working with The Phoenix for three years and has previously been a lead genre editor of fiction and creative nonfiction as well as the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the 60th issue. She admires prose that emphasizes the intricate complexities of characters as they relate to the universal human experience.  

Tamiya Anderson


Tamiya Anderson is a senior English major with a minor in communication at Pfeiffer University. For two years she has served The Phoenix as a lead editor of fiction and as an editor of creative nonfiction. In addition to her Co-Editor-in-Chief duties, she also oversees the design team. She enjoys editing, writing, and reading works that are richly layered with strong voices and thought-provoking plot development.

Morgan Ingram

Lead Poetry Editor

Morgan is the lead editor of poetry and plays a leading role in event planning. This is her second year being a part of The Phoenix staff. She’s studying psychology and human services with a minor in English in her junior year at Pfeiffer University. She enjoys poetry that is nostalgic, unapologetic and celebrates the complexities of the human condition.

Hannah Dean

Lead Art & Photography Editor

Hannah Dean is a senior at Pfeiffer University. She is majoring in psychology with hopes to attend graduate school for social work. This is her second year on The Phoenix. Hannah is also the lead editor of art and photography and one of the many editors for poetry. She will also be helping plan all of the events this coming semester. While this is her last year with The Phoenix, she is excited to see what the future holds for the journal and her fellow classmates. 

McKenzie Arstark

Design Team

McKenzie is a junior at Pfeiffer University double majoring in criminal justice and visual communication. This is her fist year on The Phoenix staff and she excited to bring some of her artistic idea to The Phoenix. McKenzie is on the design team specifically working on The Phoenix website. 

Lea Hilton

Genre Editor

Lea Hilton is a Junior at Pfeiffer University and is currently studying communications and human services with a minor in English. She enjoys reading, writing, and painting. Lea will be working as an editor in poetry and ensuring that The Phoenix is well known on all social media platforms. She hopes to work for non-profit organizations in the future.

Yassera Lewis

Lead Designer

Yassera is a Junior at Pfeiffer University and is double majoring in communications and visual communications. She is interested in digital art, video production, and almost any form of art. This is her first year with The Phoenix. Yassera will be on the design team for The Phoenix. As well as an editor of poetry, art, and photography. 

Nathan Sedberry

Lead Hybrid Editor

Nathan is a visual communications major who is minoring in history. He is a fan of abstract and avant-garde forms of art and video production. Nathan will be working as the lead genre editor of the hybrid category. This is his first semester as a part of The Phoenix

Sarah Villafane

Genre Editor

Sarah Villafane is an English major who is minoring in art. She loves movies, animals, and poetry. She hopes to be an editor when she graduates and wants to specialize in books or magazines. Sarah loves to help people and she wishes to achieve a good relationship with her peers. Sarah looks forward to all the possibilities that await her in the future.

Logan Hill

Genre Editor

Logan Hill is a sophomore at Pfeiffer University and is majoring in English. She is a strong supporter of all the arts and especially loves writing. This is her first semester of working on The Phoenix

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