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jedi allen oder

Jedi Fallen Order
by Samuel Safrit

    So, for my first game I’m going to start off with Jedi Fallen Order. This game was created by EA Sports, and we all know anything made by EA or Star Wars is going to be freaking great. Jedi Fallen Order started off introducing the main character known as Cal Kestis who was a Jedi who survived the fall of the republic and the start of the empire. Cal’s master was Jaro Tapal and throughout the game he gets nudges to where he gets visions on how to make it out of certain situations and to also train. Jaro died sacrificing his life to save his younglings in the fall of the Jedi order. This left Cal stranded on a planet called Bracca where he had to learn his own way. This game was really good especially for a Star Wars fanatic like me and I think even some non Star Wars fans would like.

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     It’s a great story mode game and has some challenging moments in the game that will get any gamers blood boiling, especially me! There’s always a but though, this game was good and at some points hard and frustrating. But, in my opinion the game was too short and there wasn’t a lot of action beside the abundance of stormtroopers which pissed me off because they weren’t a challenge they were just there. The adventure and graphics were out of this world great as you would expect for any next generation game to be. I finished this game in 2 weeks not to mention I played it probably almost every waking point of my day but for a seventy- or eighty-dollar game it shouldn’t be able to be beaten that quickly. Now for the actual gameplay, I think the game was easy.

     The controls were very simple that even a 4-year-old who doesn’t know what a Playstation five is could be successful in it on a lower difficulty. There just wasn’t a ton of action in this game besides a couple of the boss fights which were easy for me even on a higher difficulty. This game could’ve been so much better but at the same time it was very good because we haven’t seen a good game like this that wasn’t a multiplayer game like Battlefront. One thing that I will say that I really enjoyed about this game is most Star Wars games/movies the Jedi doesn’t find love because they are forbidden to love.

     Although in this game he finds love but not with a normal person they spiced it up and he fell in love with a hot Night Sister which would scare the shit out me because of what she used to do to men and people who invaded her planet. But the past is in the past am I right. Should you buy this game? In my opinion yes because if you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll love it even if you’re not it’s a great game about a guy with a glowing sword learning the force and saving the galaxy and who wouldn’t like that.


by Samuel Safrit

So, a little background about the history of me and the game. I was around four years old
when the very first Uncharted came out and saw my dad playing the game. I wasn’t allowed to
play the game because the game was rated teen and I was literally four years old. Though, I was
that age I always seemed to sneak my way onto the game and play when no one was looking
(that I know of). Just thought I would throw this in here for shits and giggles.

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     To start off the game was one of the best adventure single player games in the history of
games in my opinion of course. Even back on the PlayStation three the game looked immaculate
and wondrous. Nathan Drake the lead character of the game started off the game as a nerd who
loved history, artifacts, geography, and many other things that involved not leaving the room and
keeping his nose in a book. This quickly changed when his brother Sam. Samuel Drake was his
older brother who in my opinion was a bad influence on Nathan. The fact being that Sam was in
and out of jail was bad enough, but every time Nathan and Sam went out on one of their
adventures they got caught and Sam would always take the fall, but it set Nathan up for failure.
Sam eventually was old enough to leave the orphanage and left Nathan but not without giving
him the family necklace and telling him “I’ll see you again I promise”. Then he left and many
years later he was not seen and was thought to be dead which left Nathan broken knowing that
was the last of his family and he decided to start his life of adventurer and a thief.

Nathan went on a journey and meet new friends such as Sully who became his pilot and
kind of a father figure and helped him throughout his journeys and plus, they both split the
findings of each of his treasures. He also found the love of his life in Nepal named Elana. They
both fought all the time which we already know what that means they either hate each other
badly or they are freaking are in love. There is no in between here! They both helped Nathan on
his journey to rob the cargo ship of the villain Atoq Navarro. In the final boss fight against
Navarro, Nathan shows his love for Elana as the plane crashed onto the cargo ship. As Nathan is
wounded and badly hurt his drive to help Elana and get his treasure help him persevere and kill
Navarro take his boat and take it back to get his bounty.

Overall, the very first Uncharted made me fall in love with single player games all over
again. Even after playing the game for years, I could go back and play it again and again just for
the memories and because it’s fun. Me personally I’m an MLB and Madden player only but this
game just makes all those games go away because it draws you in and you MUST know how it


by Samuel Safrit

So, this is probably one if not my favorite game of all time. I played this game the day it  came out because one I’m a Star Wars Fanatic and two because the game was semi realistic.  There hasn't been a good realistic Star Wars game since the original Battlefront made in 2004.  So, a lot and I mean a lot of fans were interested in this game. 

The game-play was very Star Realsy like, there was no blood when you killed another  player or even a hero/villain. This was just like the movie and helped the game be better for  parents to let their young kids play because some of them don’t like them shooting up others and  blood shooting everywhere. This might’ve just been my parents but that’s besides the point. 

Battlefront was a strict multiplayer video game. There wasn’t much you couldn’t do  without playing online. Also, there wasn’t a story mode game for Battlefront either which isn’t  surprising knowing there wasn’t like a main character mentioned like there was in Battlefront  two. There were many game modes to play in like Supremacy, Walker Attack, Hero Hunt, Hero’s  vs Villains, and many more. A lot of them are from Call of Duty and other shooter games but they  made some adjustments to the modes so they wouldn’t get sued I guess.

Navy and Yellow Typography Simple No More War Instagram Post (1).png

This battlefront was based off of the Luke Skywalker saga which meant it was based off  of Star Wars four, five and six. So, the planets were like Hoth, Bespin, Endor, The Death Star,  Jakku, and Tatooine. Almost all of these planets were able to play every game mode in the game.  Except for Hero’s vs Villains that only got a few maps for some odd reason. The cool thing that was added to Battlefront that we’ve not seen before was Ship Battles.  In this mode you could fly an x-wing, y-wing, and The Millennium Falcon. And if you were the  Empire you could fly a tie fighter, tie bomber, and The Slave One. This mode was pretty hard for  me and wasn’t very fun for me. I don’t really know why but if you're good at plane shooter games,  this would be the game mode for you. Overall, this game was made very well and took a little bit for them to make. But, for me  I’m glad they took the extra time to make the game because it made it very good for me and for  every other Star Wars fan. There weren’t many glitches or issues in the game which is why many  still play the game to this day. I would rate this game a ten out of ten for gameplay and ten out of  ten for how realistic it was. If you're a Star Wars fan and haven’t played this game you need to get  your butt on it now!

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