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In Defense of Nicholas Sparks


My favorite author of all time is #1 Best-selling author Nicholas Sparks. I guess I am your typical girl, all into the mushy romantic novels. That being

said, Nicholas Sparks is very famous for his young, romantic novels which have been #1 New York best-sellers. Just to name my favorite two: The Longest Ride (y all-time favorite movie is based on this novel), and The Best of Me.

Some people, though, would argue that all of his novels are the same. If you sit down and read them they each kind of have the same concept, but a couple, like The Longest Ride and The Best of Me, have a much deeper meaning.

The Longest Ride, for example, takes a couple who met when the girl came overseas because of the war. While going back home from their first date, an old man gets into a car wreck. Luke, the young bull rider, pulls the old man out of a car that has caught on fire. Sophia, a college student, get a box of letters that he wrote to his wife. Sophia goes to visit him while he is in the hospital and reads him the letters because he is enable to read them because he can’t see well. Sophia learns a lot about old man, Ira, and his wife Ruth. They faced the struggle of not being able to have children and they fought through everything to stay together.

The Best of Me is another favorite book of my by Nicholas Sparks. This story is about a young boy, Dawson, who wants to go to college but his dad puts him down so much. His dad is a drug addict and he makes Dawson do all of these things and if he refuses he will punish him. Dawson gets fed up and runs away. He gets to this garage and he doesn’t realize that someone lives there. He lays down and goes to sleep in a car. The next morning, Dawson wakes up and the man who lives there has a gun pointed at him. Dawson was known all over the town because of his dad. Dawson’s dad had basically ruined Dawson’s reputations by doing the things that he had done. The man lets his stay at his house and is basically the father that his dad never was. When Dawson’s dad finds out that Dawson has been staying with this man he comes and beats up the old man and almost kills him. Dawson later on meets this girl, Amanda, and he doesn’t want to get serious with her because he doesn’t want her to get hurt and he doesn’t want her to know about his life. The story goes on when they are older. The old man that he stayed with dies and he left in his will that he wants both of them to come and clean everything and take what they want of his. They spend a whole weekend together. Amanda has went on and married and had kids. She had lied to her husband about where she was going for the weekend. Dawson had not spoken to his dad since he had left and then he seen his dads friend in a store. Dawson’s dad later in the movie wants his son to come back and help him but Dawson doesn’t want to so his friend shoots Dawson and he dies and later on Amanda’s son needs a heart transplant and Dawson was a perfect match so he got Dawson’s heart. So she basically got a piece of Dawson in her son that she could cherish.

These novels can really speak to me. Reading these novels these books are very emotional and romantic. My grandparents were married almost 40 years and he unexpectedly passed. They didn’t go through the same stuff as in The Longest Ride but seeing people like that make you want to fall in love with someone like that and cherish them. If you have not read these to novels of Nicholas Sparks I would highly recommend them. I really love all of his books but these are my top two right now.

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