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The Coffee Bean with Hannah Dean

The Coffee Bean with Hannah Dean is your one-stop spot for reviews of local coffee shops


The Percantile and Creamery

Locally Owned and Operated


As you walk in the door, you will be greeted with a classy hip vibe that makes you feel right at home, but at the same time, still living your best lavish life. I have to say, that’s a hard mix to create. This coffee shop has a very modern look to it, with white walls and a bar to sit at as well as tables and chairs. When I first walked in, I'll admit I was a little overwhelmed; though, I quickly knew this was going to be my new favorite place.

There is a great amount of lighting to keep you awake while you study. The space is bright, with a mixture of natural light and bright lights on the ceiling. Also, the staff is amazing; while I did wait a little bit for my food and drink because they were a little understaffed, I did not mind at all because they were so apologetic and sweet. They also walk everything out to where you are sitting, which I found charmingly personable.

The Percantile and Creamery is locally owned, which to me knowing that you are supporting someone local makes the experience even better. I can imagine more of these coffee shops all around because of how great it is. The owner himself was actually working and he was beyond nice to everyone, sometimes even sitting down and talking with people.

Additionally, this shop was a tad cold, but a cardigan was an easy fix. Along with air conditioning, they also have music playing! They was a mix of all genres, which I found to be unique for a coffee shop, as they usually just have acoustic music playing. It created a fun atmosphere, without hindering my studying. Speaking of fun, if you have kids you will not be disappointed: there is a small area with a few tables and chairs as well as a play area for the little ones!


Food and Drinks

Before I say anything about how great the coffee is, I just want to note that they have such a large variety of choices. When I first looked up the name of this place, I was worried I was going to be walking into an ice cream shop and not a coffee shop. Man, was I proven wrong. They have everything from food to drinks of all kinds.

For drinks, they have: coffee, tea, milkshakes, and when you are really in the mood, alcohol. I saw a variety of wine on the shelf by the menu, which I'm sure is a great place to sit down with someone to chat.

While they have the usual coffee drinks, they also have

handcrafted lattes. I decided to be adventurous and got their famous Tuxedo Mocha. This black and white truffle mocha was amazing. It had almost a dark chocolate taste to it. Before I left, I also got a cup of their UpDog Kombucha to go, which was delicious. For those who don't know what that is, Kombucha is a fermented tea and they have it right in the shop on tap.

I also splurged and got a s'mores brownie, because why not? That was probably one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! It made my massive amount of homework seem not so bad. The mocha and brownie together were great, especially if you are in a sweet mood. Although, I could have definitely split my brownie with a fellow bean buddy.

If you aren't up for sweets, The Percantile and Creamery has everything from soups for lunch, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, to more pastries. While I personally did not try their other food, people all around me were ordering it; I even asked the nice lady next to me and she claimed she loves to get breakfast from here. To my surprise, they also have things such as salted pretzels, oatmeal, and yogurt parfaits.

Let’s not forget about allergies; many of their options are organic. I know all of you are thinking, “Well of course Hannah liked it then!” You are right, that is a main point for me. For any dairy allergies, they have oat milk, and almond milk to help you out. For vegans, you might have a little trouble with food here, but for those who are just vegetarians, this would be super easy to get around here.


Don't forget

This unique shop is right next to Concord Mills in the next plaza over: two stops in one for Pfeiffer students! If you are in a rush, you can order online and pick it up very quickly, which I saw a lot of people do.

When you check out at the register, they will ask you if it's for here or to go. If you say for here, they will automatically serve you with mugs and plates and if it's to go they will give you paper and/or plastic cup. I also asked, and yes, if you bring your own cup they will use it! Saving the planet one reusable cup at a time.

Be sure to check out their social media down below because they have weekly events that would be cool to join, including, bingo, movie night, and game night. They also have wifi here so you can bring homework or work to do.

Mon - Thur: 6:45am - 9pm

Fri: 6:45am - 10pm

Sat: 8:00am - 10pm

Sun: 8:00am - 9pm


Hannah's Two Beans

  • Tuxedo Mocha

(I usually get iced drinks; though I forgot to mention I wanted it iced, but I was not mad at all. WAY too good.)

  • S'mores brownie



5 out of 5 BEANS.

This travel back in time coffee shop is one for the books. It is overall the best of both worlds. I sat and studied here for hours and also had a friend stop by. This shop is great for studying and socializing! As a location with many different options for food and drinks, The Percantile and Creamery caters to a lot of people with all kinds of food cravings. Everyone was very welcoming and I will be coming back as soon as possible.

I would recommend this coffee shop to anyone and everyone. If anyone knows me, they know that while I love coffee and all coffee shops, I am not one to give a 5 out of 5 for just any place. So let it be noted that this shop is one to visit! Thank you Percantile and Creamery for creating a great coffee spot!


Thank you for reading and until next brew,

Your favorite bean, Hannah Dean.


For more information on The Percantile and Creamery check out their website:

Or for a quick map to their location click here: The Percantile and Creamery

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