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Halloween Improv Extravaganza: Review

The Halloween Improv Extravaganza was the event that our staff put on for the fall. Our staff did a wonderful job assisting the groups, judging the stories presented, and even dressing up. Focused in providing groups of students the chance to partake in an

interactive storytelling adventure, the night had almost one-hundred students in attendance.

Held in the Admin Theater, Zachary Perry started off by introducing The Phoenix, explaining the prompt, and splitting everyone into groups. Perry brought so much energy to the event that it was infectious. He set the tone for the event before challenging six groups of ten students to come up with a scary improv story in twenty minutes.

All of our groups were flexible, funny, and creative when it came to making up the stories they wanted to give us. Two groups in particular stood out above the rest. The first group

consisted of international students who recounted the "true" story of seeing a ghost in the Merner residence hall. There was another beautifully written story in a group led by Megan Hedrick, which was very well thought out considering the twenty-minute limit.

Our four judges, three of which were from The Phoenix staff and one from our audience, rated the group's stories after they were read and acted out on a scale from 1 to 4. Humor mixed with scary story elements is what ultimately impressed the judges thus crowing the group of international students as the winning group. Some of the members and main actors in this group included Bobby Reasso, Santi Moar, Coke Buzzo, and

Cristobal Alendes.

The turnout was amazing overall; the theatre was full of students, many of whom dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Among the many were a cupcake, a clown, Merida, Batman, and even a scarecrow. We would like to thank all of the students that came out and continue to support The Phoenix, we cannot wait to see your submissions for this year's magazine!

The Phoenix Staff

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