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A Letter From the Editors

Welcome back for another great semester of The Phoenix! The spring is the time frame where we jump headfirst into creating this year's edition of the journal and we cannot be more excited about it. Our staff is full of veterans and now we also have some new faces and we are so excited to see what they bring to the journal.

We also have a new Chief Editor of Design, Megan Hedrick! Hedrick is an ambitious junior who is a communications major. As she enjoys the visual art and the creative aspects of literary magazines, this is what is driving her to want to be a part of this year's literary magazine. She hopes to bring her creative edge in conjunction with the collaboration of the staff to produce a wonderful journal that everyone will love!

Together, we hope to work together to develop an amazing journal. This semester, we will all be working on layout designs, slushing our submissions, and adding even more to our website and social media presence so everyone can see just what it takes to make our journal come to life!

Stay tuned for new blog posts by our amazing staff members, special behind the scenes looks at the process of making the journal, and even updates on events like our Launch Party!

See you soon,

Megan and Torri, Chief Editor of Design and Editor in Chief


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