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Beautifully Intertwined

Dear Friend,

I write to you as the journey to find The Phoenix continues, this journey is already proving to be interesting and full of twists & turns. The next stop on this journey looks closer at the 1968 issue discovering what surprises it holds that add on to the rich history of The Phoenix. When I first looked at the outside of this issue there was a clear size difference from the last, not to mention a color cover.

Once the issue was opened, the first page included a brief introduction that explains the record breaking submission count of 225. This forward also alluded to the features that could be found later. To be specific, all the photography within the journal, including the cover, was by the artist Tim Reeves. When I turned the page, there was a dedication page for Gary Stevie Lambert, who was a-part of the Editorial board of The Phoenix before passing away.

In comparison to the last issue I informed you about, there were more stylistic choices that vary. For example, some of the titles of the pieces include different font sizes and styles. Another stylistic difference was found with the newspaper formatting feel to the journal. Furthermore, each page was home to multiple pieces, some separated by thick black lines, while others, among poetry were formatted side by side. One small detail that remains the same are the two staples holding the pages tightly together are found within the photography section, like the 1958 issue. A large movement forward was the presence of artwork along with black & white photography throughout. Content was another place where the issue has moved forward, with a review of a book, along with a letter of condemnation.

Finally, the most breathtaking portion I found within this issue, were the artist and writer features. As mentioned earlier, the cover art, along with the photography was taken by Tim Reeves, who also has a seven-page section dedicated solely to his black & white photography, including a full-page art piece. The next feature is a 10-page poetry section, all works done by Connor Henry, each poem breathtaking to read. As I came close to the end of my journey one page caught my attention. On page 39 there is a poem overlaid on a full-page photo. On the last page of the issue, a contributor’s page revealed that all the contributors to this issue were Pfeiffer students. As we wrap up this journey for now, it is important to recognize the staff of this issue.

Staff of the 1968 Phoenix:

Editor in Chief- Billy Gene Johnson, Associate Editor- Marillyn Miller, Business Manager- Steve Pinkston, Photographic Editor- Tim Reeves, Editorial Board- Danielle Bivins, Ski Hilenski, Johnny Morgan, Pam Reeves, Joy Schreyer, Eldon Sloan, Janice Watson, Teresa Yow, David Zimmerman, Typists- Jeanne Torrence and Linda Winslow, Advisor- Dr. Nancy D. McLaurin

With any journey there are always challenges, moments where exploration is needed to find the missing pieces within the journey. This journey is no exception as we come towards a section of lost time. Till next time, where I will share with you about my journey through some lost time within The Phoenix.


Courtney Laughlin

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