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The Coffee Bean with Hannah Dean

The Coffee Bean with Hannah Dean is your one-stop spot for reviews of local coffee shops


Rocky River Coffee

Where Community Happens

Locally owned and operated

4350 Main St #109, Harrisburg, NC 28075


Overall, this is a great place to study. It can get a little busy, but that just means the more friends you could make!

Speaking of seating, Rocky River has a few options. They have a small section of big, what I call, cozy chairs. Along with comfort, they have regular tables and chairs, two seating tables, and four seating tables, which allows you to bring many people on your adventure! If you are more of an outdoor person, there are tables and chairs so that you can sit and enjoy the weather.

You could bring headphones if you want, but if you forget them don't worry too much because their music selection is quite relaxing.

In total, this is a calming place to be. The walls are brown and white, which I find very mellow when sitting down to study for hours on end. The people here are amazing and always sweet, in fact, you might just become friends with them if you stay a regular customer.


Food and Drinks

From coffee to smoothies there are many different options. In regard to coffee, they have lots of different roasts and daily flavors. A new monthly drink is also displayed on a chalkboard right by the register, and usually these are seasonal drinks.

If you are going to be here for a long study day ahead, don't worry! They have all of your food needs met. Anything from a bagel in the morning, to delicious ice cream at night! During breakfast time there are lots of options, my favorite is a bacon egg cheese on an everything bagel.

If you don't like bagels, there are burritos, croissants, and even hot skillet scrambles. If you are more of a sweet person, they have muffins, coffee cake, and cookies. Whether you are a sweet or savory person, they have it all.

Now, the big question which I know you are all wondering, do they have options for those of us with food allergies? YES. For drinks they have many substitutes for milk including soy, almond and new oat milk! For those of you with gluten allergies, they also have gluten-free oatmeal.

Food Hours:

Breakfast 6-12

Lunch from 11-2

On weekends, breakfast is served until 2 as well as lunch.


Don't Forget

This cozy coffee shop is located right off of 49 S and is only 30 minutes away from Pfeiffer!

While you are up there, Concord Mills is only about 15 minutes away so you can make it a whole day adventure.

If you plan on staying don't forget to ask for a mug to drink out of, this will save you ten cents, and help save the earth one plastic cup at a time.

Speaking of saving money, if you are to become a frequent customer; be sure to check out their punch cards, after so many you get a free one!

Hours of Operation

Monday 6AM–9PM Tuesday 6AM–9PM Wednesday 6AM–9PM Thursday 6AM–9PM Friday 6AM–10PM Saturday 7AM–10PM Sunday 7AM–8PM


Hannah's Two Beans

  • Iced mocha with no whip cream (although FYI the whip cream is handmade!)

  • Everything bagel toasted with cream cheese



4 out 5 BEANS

Overall this is a great coffee shop! While it can get a little busy sometimes this is only during peak hours such as right after school and in the mornings. If there isn't inside seating, my instinct is to go outside, but the seats out there could be updated. I love that it is patio furniture, but it could be a little cozier to spend time out there.

I would recommend this place to anyone who loves good coffee, good food, and a good atmosphere. Come stop by! I am there so often that we just might bump into each other.


Thank you for reading and until next brew,

Your favorite bean

Hannah Dean


For more information on Rocky River Coffee Co. check out their website:

Or for a quick map to their location click here: Rocky River Coffee Co.

Have any questions or suggestions? Email us:

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