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The Coffee Bean with Hannah Dean

The Coffee Bean with Hannah Dean is your one-stop spot for reviews of local coffee shops


Groundwork Common

4548, 410 Church St N, Concord, NC 28025

Locally Owned and Operated!


Overall, this is a great spot to slow down and relax. Whether that be studying by yourself or meeting friends, it's just the spot.

Groundwork has great natural lighting, it is bright and the white walls make it feel open. Everyone here is very welcoming and easy to talk to, so expect some light conversation when you go in!

The music here is quite uplifting and easy going, all instrumental, so you can study to it as well.

There are a few different options for seats when you go in; there is a bar with outlets on the wall so you can plug in your electronics, a couch and cozy chairs in the middle, and lastly there are nice tables and chairs that are great for setting up a work space. There is also wifi so you can do all the internet work you need to!


Food and Drinks

One of my favorite things about this coffee shop is the syrups. As a notorious, health conscious human, it is so exciting to me that the syrups here are all handmade (shoutout to Evan who is in the picture to the left!). The coffee here is amazing, the brand is Pure Intentions coffee, which is certified organic and fair trade. While ordering your coffee, if you have any allergies, don't forget to ask for either almond milk or oat milk.

Sadly, there is only one size cup currently since this cool coffee shop is so new, so don't feel bad if you are craving more afterwards! If you don't like coffee, don't worry. There are tea and kombucha options here as well.

One of the most unique things about this place, to me, is that they make the coffee to order every time, and I tend to find myself watching. If you also have questions about what specific coffee drinks are, or how they are made, the people here will give you the low down on everything. I find myself wanting to try new things because I don't feel odd or rushed ordering here.

Food wise, I love this place. Everything thing here is handmade by Danyelle, one of the owners. If you like pastries or sweets, this is the place for you. My bean buddy, Tamiya, and I had an orange chia seed bread slice. It was delicious! I have also had one of their staples here, the cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting and blueberries on top, and it is fantastic.

Now, if you were here to study for hours on end like I tend to, you might need to bring a light snack as, so far, Groundwork Common only has pastries. They always have about three different pastries that they sell each day, so be sure to follow them on social media down below to keep up with what they have!

Drink Menu

Espresso $2

Macchiato $2.50

Cappuccino $3.50

Latte $3.75

Americano $2.50

Kombucha $3.50

Drip $2.50

Cold Brew $2.50

Pourover MKT*

Tea MKT*

*Market price changes daily


Pastries range from $2-$4


Don't Forget

Groundwork is located in downtown Concord about 30 minutes from Pfeiffer. It close to Union street where you can also do a little shopping and walk around!

They also sell reusable coffee mugs here for $15, which I know for a fact I'll go back to buy one soon. They also have biodegradable plates here and, as a fellow environmental friendly freak, things like this are a big plus for me.


Hannah's Two Beans

-Iced Caramel Latte

-Orange chia seed bread slice



4.5 out of 5 BEANS.

I am eagerly waiting for there to be more cup sizes so I can drink more coffee, because trust me I would. A little more variety with food would be good as well, because if you are a hard core studier like I am, I could be there for hours.

Overall, this cute new coffee shop really takes their time with coffee, and holds it true to their heart. While you are waiting for your coffee it is actually quite unique to see how your coffee is made. I would recommend this coffee shop to everyone and anyone I know, and the people who work and own this place are wonderful. You will be treated like family every time you come in.


Thank you for reading and until next brew,

Your favorite bean

Hannah Dean

(and above, my bean buddy Tamiya)


For more information on Groundwork Common check out their website on Facebook:

Or for a quick map to their location click here: Groundwork Common

Have any questions or suggestions? Email us:

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